Exclusive setting of 16 covers per service.

We operate with one experience menu for both lunch and dinner.
Due to the exclusivity, we kindly request you to respect the arrival times of 12:00 and 19:00.

More information? 050 60 60 69



Flavor is so complex, joy is so simple.

If you try hard enough, you can smell it too: the woods of the
Zwin to Zeeland. That's where I grew up. There it was already
in the air, that passion for nature that eventually led to fulltime
cooking. Everything got concrete at the age of nineteen. After
that I was fortunate enough to be part of renowed, topnotch
cuisines. Ten years ago I arrived in Knokke. I fell in love with
the gourmet character of the seaside town and I fell in love
even more with the tastiest dish ever: my wife Fleur. She's a
tower of strength in our family but nest to that, she's mainly the
engine of Cuines 33. With experience in high-end restaurants
Fleur grew out to be an exquisit hostess and maitre d'. My
soulmate became my right hand. Her passion for cocktails and
wines, her eye for detail and her budding smile simply light up
the room. Together with our twins, Anaïs and Nomah, we enjoy
strolling in the woods, playfully picking chestnuts. You can't find
ingredients, the find you. Flavor is so complex, joy is so simple.

During the bikerides, together with my wife, I let go of everything.
The chaos in my head arises a smorgasbord of flavors. I funnel
them in the kitchen to a whole, topping them off with the pipette.
That proces, that quest, always emerges in a top dish. Every
day we go that extra mile. We go for new creations, for that
smile of our customers, for the tiny 'thank you' afterwards... It
engergizes and inspires us.

Cuiness 33 is journey of flavors. A one way ticket to a culinary
feast that splashes colors. A party where everyone's invited. Not
only our dishes but also our interior is southern seasoned. We
hope you enjoy our home, Cuines 33, as much as we do. Take all
your senses for a ride and enjoy.

For a dish must be like life: unforgettable.